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YOGA ALLIANCE - Yoga Alliance is the largest nonprofit association representing the yoga community. Their mission is to promote the integrity and diversity of teaching yoga. Visit Julianne’s Yoga Alliance portal here: Yoga Alliance - Julianne Andrews

AIREAL YOGA - The hammock is used to refine, realign, restore and renew your mat practice, challenging you, and holding you while you flip your hourglass on a journey of self-healing.



Julianne has always been a spiritual, artistic soul. She decided to practice yoga in order to gain more depth and connection to her artistic side. While exploring this, she has also found happiness through the physical aspects.

Yoga has given her more than just the centering and understanding of heart and soul, but an appreciation of how the physical body moves, changes, and works.

Julianne began her teacher journey while living in Dubai, UAE, starting with the Vinyassa style, where she took a 100hr course with the ETA College.

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She continued with a 200 RYT training with David Magone the founder of PranaVayu Yoga, a modern school of vinyassa yoga practice based on Buddhist philosophy and techniques.

Pranavayu is designed to change the body, and free the mind by using a structured approach to postural sequencing with periodization, and an innovative system of skeletal alignment.

Julianne is also certified in two styles of ariel yoga. One style being Swing Yoga, as taught and founded by the lovely Peewee Sanchez, this style is used with the yoga swing, a hammock made out of parachute fabric with four handles in different lengths and is attached at two points.

Swing Yoga It is influenced by Iyengar alignment, along with Hatha philosophy.

The other style is AIReal Yoga, which is taught and founded by the wonderful Carmen Curtis, AIReal Yoga is the first ever ariel style of yoga accepted by the Yoga Alliance. It is taught using a looped, circus silk hammock that swivels freely at a single point.  

Both Swing and AIReal Yoga are fun, restorative, creative and allow for all levels of yoga practitioners to have a greater awareness of their alignment and feel a sense of safety and support

These fun, new styles of yoga compliment Julianne's personality and attitude towards teaching.

Her thoughts on yoga are that its not just a workout, it’s a way of life, and an art-form that brings a person inside themselves and allows them to find their truest expression and light, that original stardust that connects us to each other and the universe.

Julianne’s goal is to be an enlightening uplifting teacher, she wants to help her clients sweat, burn, smile, find a moment to de-stress, and of course, reflect inward, even if it's for just a moment.